Sex Art Discount

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When you first get to the main page of Sex Art, you will find out they mean business when it comes to romantic porn. They are still new to the porn world so they only have 42 videos so far and all of them are available to be downloaded in 3 MP4 formats. They can also be streamed in a flash player.

Each Sex Art video is about 8 minutes each so you won’t miss out on all the fun as your cock will get hard during the first 10 seconds and it will stay that way until you cum, Evil Angel should learn from this! There are 52 photo sets and each one has 190 pictures. The pictures can be saved into a Zip file and each photo can be transformed to full screen so you can sit back and just jack off that amazing body of the girl you desire.

They update the site several times a week and there is a lot of lesbian stuff going on so those who are fond of watching girl on girl action will be delighted to know there is a whole lot of that here. The navigation here is pretty easy and the design is sleek. The pics can also be viewed in a slideshow and there is a model index so you can search for the girls that would occupy your dream all the time.

This Sex Art website sure has a lot of promise and they are definitely headed to the right direction. There won’t be any buffering issues once you decide to stream the videos and that is always a sign of relief. You would enjoy your stay at Sex Art if you are someone who loves solo posing and lesbian action.

Mr Skin Discount

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There is no such person as Mr Skin but it is a porn site that has the lowdown on all the latest celebrity nude scenes. There are some nasty sex scenes and some graphic nude shots that we would want to keep. If you become a member here then you will find out they are all here. All the celebrities you have come to love are all here and you would wonder why they don’t pose nude enough. If the celebrity has been acting for a long time then Mr Skin has a long collection of her nude scenes ever since she was young.

There is even the Mr Skin minute which happens once a week. It gives you what is new on the movies and the TV screen. There are young celebrities looking to make a name for themselves and they do it by showing a little skin. Nobody is complaining about that as your cock would get hard once you get a load of the scene where she drops her dress to seduce a lucky dude to bed. You would be surprised at some nude scenes where you did not know that it actually happened and you would not believe the actresses actually appeared in them.

There are some child stars who never knew they were going to appear in a nude scene until Mr Skin showed it to you. MrSkin has that exciting background music while Mr Skin minute goes on. You won’t believe the amount of archives they have as they even have celebrities who showed the goods even when the movies were in black and white.

MrSkin has a big celebrity index and you can find all your favorite celebrities here even in scenes where they almost showed the goods but the camera angles were good enough to not show anything. That would probably enough to get you started on jacking off your cock when you see her naked with another dude. They started to kiss and hug until that inevitable moment when one of their parents barges into the room and interrupts their sex scene. There are some girls who are going to be famous just because she has such a delicious body and she can’t wait to take it all off for everyone to see.

Mr Skin provides all the latest gossip on the celebrities who are thinking twice about going full frontal on their next movie. Your eyes are going to get so wide when you find out the names in the Mr Skin blog. 

ATK Exotics Discount

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Babes from all over the globe are showing their goods at ATK Exotics. There are 4862 videos at ATK Exotics and each one is about 11 minutes each. The number of galleries right now there is 26865 and each photo set has 150 pictures. The videos can be streamed on a Flash player or downloaded on several formats. They divided the stuff here into hardcore and softer ones in order to give porn fans what they desire. There is going to be more division from there once you have selected what you wanted. The categories under hardcore include blowjobs and masturbating girls and some categories have more than others.

When you enter the ATK Exotics website, you know you are going to get loads of content so expect to get hard again after cumming. There are 2000 models here and none of them are less than 18 years old. In fact, they look to be far from that number as they look to be in the early 20’s or approaching their 30’s.

There are no issues with regards to download time when you want to download the movies. When you want to stream them then there is no issue for that either. The thumbnails are big which could be big enough to be the preview for the galleries.

ATK Exotics discount makes this network pretty impressive as there are only a few things to complain about like the fact that there is no time stamps on the stuff they decide to put out. It would be pretty sweet if we are informed about the date the stuff was put in so we would know if we already saw them or not. Since there are a lot of things to see in here, that would certainly help a lot. The pictures can be viewed in a slide show and they can also be saved in a Zip file. You will forget about their ethnicity when you see them naked as you will forget they are either European, Asian or even African American.

This is one website that will draw your interest.

Exploited College Girls Discount

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You are going to miss studying when you get load of the girls at Exploited College Girls. The girls here let everyone know how fun college is and every penny you pay for the tuition fee is worth it. There are 341 videos here and each one has a corresponding photo set. The videos are about 65 minutes long while the galleries have 100 pictures each. The videos can also be viewed in your mobile device so you can masturbate in the comfort room without anybody knowing.

There are 116 exploited college girls here and each profile has some interesting information on each girl. Most of the girls here noticeably attend Arizona State so if you want to meet some horny girls then you can take a look at that college and see if you like taking any course there. The weather there is hot though so that is something you would have to get used to. The design of the website is pretty simple so you can’t expect any creativity in that department.

There are even some girls here who are still studying in high school which would get porn fans really excited to see them naked. Sometimes, there is a little bit of comedy mixed in it so you would find yourself laughing at the antics of the guys who are lucky enough to bang the college girls. The episodes have been broken down into 3 parts for those who have a slow Internet connection.

The girls on Exploited College Girls are certainly not fooling around as they would want to do some wanking before studying for their next exam. They would not want their professors to catch them unless they want their teachers to get in on the fun. There is no slide show for the galleries but you can download the entire thing in a Zip file. The photo sets are pretty basic with everything set out in thumbnails. For some reason, there are no HD videos on the site but you can be sure they are working on that. There is also no option for streaming which can be a real bummer.

Sapphic Erotica Discount

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Sapphic Erotica is all about girls playing around with other girls. There is no doubt lesbian porn lovers will love this website. The tour can only promise so much with a huge clip featuring some of the most adoring clips you will ever see. Bailey is the name of the guy who runs this website and he sometimes gets too close into the action as the photographer. Some of us would envy him since he is one lesbian lover and he reveals how he loves to watch two girls play with each other until they reach orgasm. Who would not want to be Bailey as he carefully captures how the girls lick each other’s pussies and suck each other’s titties?

There is a variety of content on Sapphic Erotica as there is some hardcore fucking to some soft core bitch slapping. This is one porn website you won’t hesitate to recommend to your friends. It has everything you could possibly want in a lesbian porn site.

The picture sets can be viewed on the browser or saved in a Zip file. Whichever option you choose, you won’t regret it because the quality of the pictures are very fine. There are 895 models and they will all aim to please you in whatever way they can. They also added mobile friendly formats for your mobile devices in case you want to view them in your mobile devices. The close up action here is very close to the real thing that you can feel those great pussies that are near you. Lesbian porn fans would certainly spend countless minutes checking out the content here. The large streaming version of the movies here are so awesome that you can watch them right away and it’s even included with the sapphic erotica discount promotion.

There are 900 true HD videos and some are excellent. There is going to be plenty of sweet vagina licking here and that is something that is going to get their cocks hard and it won’t be long before the guys would jack off of to the pussy licking action here. It won’t be long now before you will cum a lot to the extraordinary porn only at Sapphic Erotica.

Young Legal Porn Discount

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Despite the truck load of content at Young Legal Porn, it is pretty easy to go through the content here despite the fact that there is 1266 videos and 1509 photo sets. All of the models here are only 18 to 21 years old and they have no problem at all with regards to showing off their bodies to the public.

When you take the Young Legal Porn tour, you are going to get excited about what is happening there. It will get you excited about becoming a member there. You can search for content in the website by niche or by model name by using the search box located at the top of the website. Just below the live shows link, there is a button that any member will surely like. It will make you switched to advanced view which makes you sort out the niches perfectly. That means if you only want a threesome then you can just click on the link then you will already get it in an instant.

There are loads of live shows that members get access to here when they become a member. The filming was definitely done by professionals as they are as good looking as the girls here. You will find a lot of movies from threesomes to anal sex. The quality of the pictures and videos are unbelievable as it would make you feel like you are actually there. There are some free live shows that comes along as bonuses and the girls are mostly doing some solo acts which means they play with themselves by either masturbating or using a familiar sex toy.

The Young Legal Porn membership also gives you access to Super Skinny Girl which features skinny cutie Gloria and she is good at what she does which is entertain the audience. You can get a preview by checking out their tour page which features what you are going to get with this website. You are not going to regret checking that out because you are going to be in for a wild treat.

Backroom Casting Couch Discount

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The scenes that appear on the movies from this website are all like the name suggests. Backroom Casting Couch is all about ladies that come in for interviews and after a few questions they end up on the couch which is just next to the table and they begin having hardcore sex. These scenes appear in most of the movies from this website and though some are quite different most of them have the same theme.

This website offers high definition movies and you can download all of them. They range from reality kings to MILFS with big boobs to anal sex and also the ebony classics. All these features come in high definition and they can all be downloaded. The website has quality content as well that makes it an attraction for most people. There are more than 200 episodes and all of them come with a full length download option. There are also short clips on offer that run for a few minutes and most of them are usually less than an hour.

The not so great thing about Backroom Casting Couch is that the pictures cannot be downloaded and there is no advanced search option which is really a letdown because advanced options are supposed to give you alternatives and help you pick on the specific scenes you prefer watching instead of having to scroll down for scenes. Another issue is that the production of the movies has not made the website receive rave reviews because all of the videos have included the same interviewing man and it does get a bit annoying after a while.

Backroom Casting Couch clearly offers you a variety of options and it is up to you to choose the website that will best suit you. However despite some negative press, we feel that this network is a great, unique addition to your adult subscription collection.

Fucked Hard 18 Discount

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Fucked Hard 18 is kind of a reality website and they offer one of the best porn niches around. It normally features sexy ladies coming in for massages and they chat with the therapists for awhile and before you know it there clothes come off and they lie down with their backs up. The therapists then oil their bodies in such a seductive way that will guarantee all of them arousal. They oil every part of the body from the back and then to the front gently rubbing their boobs and going down to the lower area. While they apply oil and rub, the ladies will groan and moan and this gives way for some really hardcore action involving the therapist and the ladies. You will get to enjoy hardcore fucking that will surely leave you yearning for more.

Each scene usually begins the same way and the ladies after a little chat with the therapist ends with some hardcore fucking. There are more than 200 episodes and there are very good exciting scenes for you to watch; the ladies for each and every scene are really sexy and you will get to see for yourself how hot they really are. The videos are really well filmed and every action and movement is shot so that you can be able to witness how hot and sexy they all are.

The qualities of the movies on Fucked Hard 18 are just the best. This website always put their very many customer’s needs in front of anything and that is why they ensure that quality content is always shown to guarantee customer satisfaction and to be able to boost their ratings as well. There are plenty of videos in high definition and you can download them in their full lengths whenever you have the opportunity and whenever you want. Short clips are also offered as well and you get to choose the ones that will best suit you.

The videos all come with a photo gallery and many of the recent pictures are in high resolution so you can download them as well. If you are looking for specific scenes you can always go to the advanced search option and look for any scene you want and you will find them there. That is how advanced they are.

Fucked Hard 18 delivers high quality content and it comes very highly recommended because of that. You can visit them and register to become a member and experience quality content, a rarity in this industry.

Met Art Discount

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The makers of Met Art have been around for a long time and they know how to please the average porn fan. They do it with pictures of adult stars posing in seductive poses. Who would have ever known that women posing would give a guy a hard on? Sometimes, a movie would not do it alone as these pictures can do it as well as long as the girls were captured perfectly.

There are over a million photos here to look at. There are also over a thousand movies to either stream or download. There are 2500 good looking women and these are not the ordinary girl you would come across the street as they are girls you would only see in quality porn sites like Met Art.

There are clips that starred two girls by the name of Ira and Sharon. These two girls sure know what it takes to please another girl as they do some tit sucking and soft core petting. Their tits, butts and pussies are all exposed but it will only be a for a few seconds so you will be thankful there is such thing as a pause button so you can freeze the action for a moment of masturbation to these two beautiful girls.

There are no hardcore stuff in this website but you can be sure the average porn fan is already sick of the hardcore materials that they are already members of and with the met art discount we have, come on, just join already! You have the option of sorting out the movies by top rate and alphabetical order. It is pretty easy to navigate through this website as you will find a menu when you log on as a member. You will find everything you need as the pictures have a pretty good resolution.

Passion HD Discount

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The makers of Passion HD deliver the goods with over 289 quality scenes featuring nothing but the most good looking girls in the world. They do everything from sucking the tits of each other to licking the pussies of each other. There is threesome action which means one lucky is involved and even lesbian action which means two girls get it on with each which is always a man’s fantasy.

Passion HD only keeps on getting bigger and better since the website gets updated 3-5 days a week. Your masturbation session will be more fun when the girls performing in front of you are doing it in high definition. There is a girls button and it shows each girl that appears on the website. It shows all the movies the girl appears in but it does not show her personal information so you won’t be able to hunt her down. The live cam section shows the girls doing a live show on webcams but access to it is not really part of the membership.

You got the option to add the videos here to your favorites even though you could find yourself doing that on more than one occasion in one day. New is a nice sized passion hd discount and you can find that on this page, above. If you love to jack off to videos on the net then you have come to the right place so you would be getting memberships to other sites at a lower price.

You can download all the movies in the scenes section in various formats including HD format. Each movie has its own HQ picture set which can be downloaded in a Zip file. The website keeps its word as there are at least 3 new scenes each week that are added to the section. The members can comment and give ratings to all the scenes in this website as you will notice some scenes have as much as 100 scenes where the girls take it to their fellow porn stars in very creative sex positions. There is one scene called Friends with Benefits featuring two girls named Annika and Holly. It was not revealed which girl was Annika and which one was Holly and it did not really matter. The girls entertained us in more ways than one as they participated in a threesome with some lucky guy and they both swallowed his cum like it was juice. They also got into it with each other which produced fantastic results.

Buttman Promo Code

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Women’s ass are cool for many reasons. First of all, when you watch a porn video and the ass given much emphasis may it be a back view or a side view when a pie hole rides a cock, other flaws will go unnoticed and everything will just seem perfect. And that is why it is really important to film porn like any other kind of high rated movie; it should be done by a professional. Anyway, the reason we’re talking ass is that there’s this site created by John Stagliano who has a surreal fondness to creating porn videos usually focused on the girl’s ass. And thus, his site is called Buttman.

It is What You Think it is

So yeah, Buttman, it’s a porn site abundant of women’s crazy, fluffy, delicious, fuckable asses. It is actually a part of the Evil Angel network and just by registering to it, you gain full access to Buttman and 19 other sites that are a part of the network. Anyhow, if you’re the kind of guy who wants to watch porn as though you are really fronting a real woman, or perhaps facing her ass as if she is a back adjacent position, then Buttman is for you.

Eclectic Content at its Finest

While Buttman focuses mainly on a woman’s butt in most of its videos, its scope is not limited to that. There are other categories that you can enter, from blowjobs to doctor-nurse affairs, brother and sister incestuous love, the swingers and the cheaters, and to a whole lot more. There are over 900 videos to watch collectively, and on top of that would be 180 photo galleries that you can take pleasure in as a keen naked women observer.

While Buttman is operational, it is still a work in progress. That means there are tons more to await in the near future. So, better watch and better not drool all your saliva yet. Always leave enough for more beautiful creations that will relentlessly come to your keeping by registering into the network.

Anal Acrobats Promo Code

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Back when I was a kid, doing acrobatics was one of my childhood desires. I was too preoccupied with other stuff, though, you know, playing with other kids on the playground and a lot of other fun kids stuff. Anyhow, it’s been 20 years since the thought of acrobatics first came into my head. Now, all I really want to see is girls bending their bodies in bed with a guy. A couple other girls in the picture would be a bonus, of course. These fantasies, I am able to take pleasure in from a site called Anal Acrobats.

Making Love in the Nuthouse

Let me tell put one of Anal Acrobats’s theme into one word: Bizarre. It’s not just about humping at each other’s ass and pounding against each other genitals. In this site, sometimes, it’s about where they do it. For instance, there’s a video where the guy meets girl by the facade, and then he asks her if she was available or something, then the girl flirtatiously responded with a “Yes, unless you’re going to take me with you.” And get a hold of this, the girl was as white as Anne Hathaway with eyes like Cameron Diaz and cheek bones like Kirsten Dunst. Her boobs? Totally incomparable, though that may be a bit of exaggeration, but yeah, she’s got it and her ass seemed nice to spank. Anyway, guy drives her into a farm, where they enter a barn. There, the whole thing was set up: there’s a sex bed with cuffs on each corner, a level adjuster underneath, and chains hung with shackles on each tip.

What happens? There’s another girl that comes inside the barn and then she sets the girl into the bed and the guy, each of his arm shackled by the chain. And then history followed: The guy’s arm muscles were surfacing, veins enlarging while he drills his penis into the girl’s mouth who was partially rising with her arms cuffed to the top corners. It was just crazy, but crazy in a beautiful, magnificent way!

The Juice

Aside from that plot I just shared with you, there’s more to Anal Acrobats. It contains 449 high res premium, long-length videos and thousands more categorized by nature: creampie, redhead, slut, bitch, MILF, cougar, swinger and many more. Alongside that would be 220 photo galleries. All of these contents are downloadable by the way. Just sign up for the free one week trial and then go with the 19-dollar registration for a quarter of the year porn action.

Dancing Bear Discount

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At Dancing Bear, you will find tons of sexy girls getting wasted and allowing the men in the video clips free reign over their bodies. Basically, Dancing Bear can be described as a male- stripper company and their escapades and sexcapades. The strippers visit sorority initiations, birthdays, bachelorette parties and the likes where they put on a show that no one (watching or in attendance) is ever going to forget in the near future.

The strippers are so called because in most of the shows, one performer comes on stage wearing a huge bear costume. After a while, the suit comes off and the fun is turned on.

Dancing Bear updates their content on a monthly content. At the moment, there are 102 exciting and original content features different gatherings of lustful and hot women. What is more, the groups of women sometimes run past the 100 person count.

Although it is unclear whether the women actually know what is going to happen, what you will notice is that this is the best male- stripping website on the market. Unlike other stripping shows, the male revues allow the women to look, touch, fondle, stroke, lick, suck and get loads on their faces. Some of the women on the show even manage to sneak a thorough session with the strippers.

After a short show on stage, the guys start working the room giving the women exactly what they are looking for. Most of the ladies get the enviable opportunity to do whatever they want with the men, resulting into a wet experience.

Of course, some of the ladies are shy. However, this is still part of the show and you are likely to love it as much as you will like the forthright girls. The fact that all the action is caught on tape makes it worth your while. You can either download the content in MP4 files or stream in Flash. Added to this, you get excellent quality if you watch the HD formatted files.

Overall, Dancing Bear provides original sexy hardcore and/ or amateur content. Most of the scenes last over 2 hours. This is definitely one of the website you should visit if you are looking to watch bears going crazy on crazier girls.

Blacks on Blondes Discount

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This website is dedicated to making you wanted real hardcore interracial sex. It is one of the biggest in the business and has just about any kind of interracial action you are looking for.

As the name suggests, Blacks on Blondes is dedicated to providing you with limitless access to the best kind of explicit content you need. The performers are picked from the professional and from the amateur world.

Most people who join Blacks on Blondes are drawn in by the huge content amount. Since this website has one of the largest archives around, you can be sure that you will never be bored or tired browsing through the pictures and videos posted on a daily basis. At the moment, for example, there are about 599 videos shot for your pleasure.

Blacks on Blondes has also been going HD for some time now. As a result, more than half of their movies are in HD format. If you are watching the addictive content from your mobile phone or smart phone, there are enough mobile formats to whet your appetite.

Blacks on Blondes has also installed a Flash Player into their website. This means that you should be able to view streaming versions of each movie in the database. You also have a choice between full- length scenes and clips, depending on what you are looking for.

On this website, you will view videos with every kind of babe you can imagine. From slightly curvier to older milfs and from slim and fresh faced blondes, Blacks on Blondes has everything you are looking for.

The only thing that may concern you is that the website strayed from their brand site name. Therefore, some of the video clips feature girls who are not blonde. Brunettes abound but since they all have that desirable creamy white skin, you should not have much of a cause to worry.

Apart from the videos, there are around 599 photo galleries in total. Most of the sets come with high resolution images. You can also download them in .zip files and store them on your own machine, tablet or smart phone.

Some of the spreads also replay the action in great detail. Therefore, you should be able to watch every second of each intense ebony- on- ivory matchup hosted by Blacks on Blondes. Overall, this is one of the best website dedicated to interracial loving experiences.

Wicked Pictures Discount

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Wicked Pictures comes from the production company that gave you such awesome titles like My Slutty Weekend and Sexpionage. There are 3592 scenes from 632 DVDs and some even feature stars from a couple of decades ago.

The weird thing about all the stuff here is they implement a condom policy for the safety of their stars so you will see all the guys here wear condoms. That means they won’t get to enjoy it as much as real life sex since their cock won’t feel much because of the plastic. The girls would benefit from that though because they can be sure they won’t get any type of sexually transmitted diseases.

You have the option of streaming the videos in a flash player or downloading them in an MP4 format on Wicked Pictures. There is a model index where you can find all the models but you can’t sort them out after that. There is no advanced search in sight so you will have to be contented with the basic search.

There are 3096 photo sets as some of them came from the movies and some did not. You can choose to view the pictures in a slide show or save them in a zip file so you can view them on your computer when you go offline. For bonuses, there is a wicked pictures discount also offered. There is also links to babes doing live on cam presentations in the future. The Wicked gals are girls who won’t disappoint you when you want to masturbate while looking at someone beautiful.

Wicked Pictures is one website you won’t get tired of easily. There are a lot of porn sites where you will get sick of right away but this is not one of them. They have some exclusive content that is going to get you to drop your jaw. You won’t be able to save favorites in the website but you can do that for your web browser so it isn’t that big of a deal. There are a lot of crisp clear high def videos here to keep you relaxed.