Mr Skin Discount

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There is no such person as Mr Skin but it is a porn site that has the lowdown on all the latest celebrity nude scenes. There are some nasty sex scenes and some graphic nude shots that we would want to keep. If you become a member here then you will find out they are all here. All the celebrities you have come to love are all here and you would wonder why they don’t pose nude enough. If the celebrity has been acting for a long time then Mr Skin has a long collection of her nude scenes ever since she was young.

There is even the Mr Skin minute which happens once a week. It gives you what is new on the movies and the TV screen. There are young celebrities looking to make a name for themselves and they do it by showing a little skin. Nobody is complaining about that as your cock would get hard once you get a load of the scene where she drops her dress to seduce a lucky dude to bed. You would be surprised at some nude scenes where you did not know that it actually happened and you would not believe the actresses actually appeared in them.

There are some child stars who never knew they were going to appear in a nude scene until Mr Skin showed it to you. MrSkin has that exciting background music while Mr Skin minute goes on. You won’t believe the amount of archives they have as they even have celebrities who showed the goods even when the movies were in black and white.

MrSkin has a big celebrity index and you can find all your favorite celebrities here even in scenes where they almost showed the goods but the camera angles were good enough to not show anything. That would probably enough to get you started on jacking off your cock when you see her naked with another dude. They started to kiss and hug until that inevitable moment when one of their parents barges into the room and interrupts their sex scene. There are some girls who are going to be famous just because she has such a delicious body and she can’t wait to take it all off for everyone to see.

Mr Skin provides all the latest gossip on the celebrities who are thinking twice about going full frontal on their next movie. Your eyes are going to get so wide when you find out the names in the Mr Skin blog. 

ATK Exotics Discount

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Babes from all over the globe are showing their goods at ATK Exotics. There are 4862 videos at ATK Exotics and each one is about 11 minutes each. The number of galleries right now there is 26865 and each photo set has 150 pictures. The videos can be streamed on a Flash player or downloaded on several formats. They divided the stuff here into hardcore and softer ones in order to give porn fans what they desire. There is going to be more division from there once you have selected what you wanted. The categories under hardcore include blowjobs and masturbating girls and some categories have more than others.

When you enter the ATK Exotics website, you know you are going to get loads of content so expect to get hard again after cumming. There are 2000 models here and none of them are less than 18 years old. In fact, they look to be far from that number as they look to be in the early 20’s or approaching their 30’s.

There are no issues with regards to download time when you want to download the movies. When you want to stream them then there is no issue for that either. The thumbnails are big which could be big enough to be the preview for the galleries.

ATK Exotics discount makes this network pretty impressive as there are only a few things to complain about like the fact that there is no time stamps on the stuff they decide to put out. It would be pretty sweet if we are informed about the date the stuff was put in so we would know if we already saw them or not. Since there are a lot of things to see in here, that would certainly help a lot. The pictures can be viewed in a slide show and they can also be saved in a Zip file. You will forget about their ethnicity when you see them naked as you will forget they are either European, Asian or even African American.

This is one website that will draw your interest.

Exploited College Girls Discount

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You are going to miss studying when you get load of the girls at Exploited College Girls. The girls here let everyone know how fun college is and every penny you pay for the tuition fee is worth it. There are 341 videos here and each one has a corresponding photo set. The videos are about 65 minutes long while the galleries have 100 pictures each. The videos can also be viewed in your mobile device so you can masturbate in the comfort room without anybody knowing.

There are 116 exploited college girls here and each profile has some interesting information on each girl. Most of the girls here noticeably attend Arizona State so if you want to meet some horny girls then you can take a look at that college and see if you like taking any course there. The weather there is hot though so that is something you would have to get used to. The design of the website is pretty simple so you can’t expect any creativity in that department.

There are even some girls here who are still studying in high school which would get porn fans really excited to see them naked. Sometimes, there is a little bit of comedy mixed in it so you would find yourself laughing at the antics of the guys who are lucky enough to bang the college girls. The episodes have been broken down into 3 parts for those who have a slow Internet connection.

The girls on Exploited College Girls are certainly not fooling around as they would want to do some wanking before studying for their next exam. They would not want their professors to catch them unless they want their teachers to get in on the fun. There is no slide show for the galleries but you can download the entire thing in a Zip file. The photo sets are pretty basic with everything set out in thumbnails. For some reason, there are no HD videos on the site but you can be sure they are working on that. There is also no option for streaming which can be a real bummer.