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Back when I was a kid, doing acrobatics was one of my childhood desires. I was too preoccupied with other stuff, though, you know, playing with other kids on the playground and a lot of other fun kids stuff. Anyhow, it’s been 20 years since the thought of acrobatics first came into my head. Now, all I really want to see is girls bending their bodies in bed with a guy. A couple other girls in the picture would be a bonus, of course. These fantasies, I am able to take pleasure in from a site called Anal Acrobats.

Making Love in the Nuthouse

Let me tell put one of Anal Acrobats’s theme into one word: Bizarre. It’s not just about humping at each other’s ass and pounding against each other genitals. In this site, sometimes, it’s about where they do it. For instance, there’s a video where the guy meets girl by the facade, and then he asks her if she was available or something, then the girl flirtatiously responded with a “Yes, unless you’re going to take me with you.” And get a hold of this, the girl was as white as Anne Hathaway with eyes like Cameron Diaz and cheek bones like Kirsten Dunst. Her boobs? Totally incomparable, though that may be a bit of exaggeration, but yeah, she’s got it and her ass seemed nice to spank. Anyway, guy drives her into a farm, where they enter a barn. There, the whole thing was set up: there’s a sex bed with cuffs on each corner, a level adjuster underneath, and chains hung with shackles on each tip.

What happens? There’s another girl that comes inside the barn and then she sets the girl into the bed and the guy, each of his arm shackled by the chain. And then history followed: The guy’s arm muscles were surfacing, veins enlarging while he drills his penis into the girl’s mouth who was partially rising with her arms cuffed to the top corners. It was just crazy, but crazy in a beautiful, magnificent way!

The Juice

Aside from that plot I just shared with you, there’s more to Anal Acrobats. It contains 449 high res premium, long-length videos and thousands more categorized by nature: creampie, redhead, slut, bitch, MILF, cougar, swinger and many more. Alongside that would be 220 photo galleries. All of these contents are downloadable by the way. Just sign up for the free one week trial and then go with the 19-dollar registration for a quarter of the year porn action.