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Women’s ass are cool for many reasons. First of all, when you watch a porn video and the ass given much emphasis may it be a back view or a side view when a pie hole rides a cock, other flaws will go unnoticed and everything will just seem perfect. And that is why it is really important to film porn like any other kind of high rated movie; it should be done by a professional. Anyway, the reason we’re talking ass is that there’s this site created by John Stagliano who has a surreal fondness to creating porn videos usually focused on the girl’s ass. And thus, his site is called Buttman.

It is What You Think it is

So yeah, Buttman, it’s a porn site abundant of women’s crazy, fluffy, delicious, fuckable asses. It is actually a part of the Evil Angel network and just by registering to it, you gain full access to Buttman and 19 other sites that are a part of the network. Anyhow, if you’re the kind of guy who wants to watch porn as though you are really fronting a real woman, or perhaps facing her ass as if she is a back adjacent position, then Buttman is for you.

Eclectic Content at its Finest

While Buttman focuses mainly on a woman’s butt in most of its videos, its scope is not limited to that. There are other categories that you can enter, from blowjobs to doctor-nurse affairs, brother and sister incestuous love, the swingers and the cheaters, and to a whole lot more. There are over 900 videos to watch collectively, and on top of that would be 180 photo galleries that you can take pleasure in as a keen naked women observer.

While Buttman is operational, it is still a work in progress. That means there are tons more to await in the near future. So, better watch and better not drool all your saliva yet. Always leave enough for more beautiful creations that will relentlessly come to your keeping by registering into the network.