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At Dancing Bear, you will find tons of sexy girls getting wasted and allowing the men in the video clips free reign over their bodies. Basically, Dancing Bear can be described as a male- stripper company and their escapades and sexcapades. The strippers visit sorority initiations, birthdays, bachelorette parties and the likes where they put on a show that no one (watching or in attendance) is ever going to forget in the near future.

The strippers are so called because in most of the shows, one performer comes on stage wearing a huge bear costume. After a while, the suit comes off and the fun is turned on.

Dancing Bear updates their content on a monthly content. At the moment, there are 102 exciting and original content features different gatherings of lustful and hot women. What is more, the groups of women sometimes run past the 100 person count.

Although it is unclear whether the women actually know what is going to happen, what you will notice is that this is the best male- stripping website on the market. Unlike other stripping shows, the male revues allow the women to look, touch, fondle, stroke, lick, suck and get loads on their faces. Some of the women on the show even manage to sneak a thorough session with the strippers.

After a short show on stage, the guys start working the room giving the women exactly what they are looking for. Most of the ladies get the enviable opportunity to do whatever they want with the men, resulting into a wet experience.

Of course, some of the ladies are shy. However, this is still part of the show and you are likely to love it as much as you will like the forthright girls. The fact that all the action is caught on tape makes it worth your while. You can either download the content in MP4 files or stream in Flash. Added to this, you get excellent quality if you watch the HD formatted files.

Overall, Dancing Bear provides original sexy hardcore and/ or amateur content. Most of the scenes last over 2 hours. This is definitely one of the website you should visit if you are looking to watch bears going crazy on crazier girls.