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Nuru Massage is a type of massage any guy would want. It begins with a guy getting helped out of his clothes by a hot girl who takes off her clothes as well. The two head to the shower at the same time so the guy can clean his body for what is going to happen next while the hot chick plays rigorously with his cock. After that, they head to the Jacuzzi where more of the same happens except the guy is getting more and more horny.

Next, the guy gets lied down to a plastic mattress where he gets rubbed with plastic gel and the girl rubs herself with the gel as well. The girl rubs her body on to the guy and you can tell by the look on the guy’s face that it indeed feels good. The girl makes sure the guy’s cock gets all the special attention during the course of the massage. It can include a combination of blowjob, hand job and even anal sex.

When you sign on to Nuru Massage with our nuru massage promo code and link, you are going to be taken to the main page and this is where you will see the updates. They actually update weekly so you are going to get new updates all the time. There are 216 videos here and they can be streamed to a Flash player, downloaded to an MP4 player or even to a portable device so you can view it anywhere you want. There are 219 galleries but the problem with them is you can’t save them into a Zip file. The images basically contain what you already see in the videos.

After watching the videos in this website, there is no doubt you will be looking for a place that offers Nuru Massage even though you will probably have a hard time doing so. It is going to indeed be fun especially when you are the one who is going to choose the girl who is going to massage you and play with your penis. There are also 3 additional sites you can access with a membership.